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“Quality Cars Japan.com” is an online shop which is exporting used cars to the world from Japan. It is operated by Meiho Tsusho Corporation of Kirix Group e.g., Netz Toyota Higashi Nagoya Co., Ltd. – an authorized new car dealer of Toyota Motor Corp., Kirix Lease Co., Ltd. – car leasing specialized company. Meiho Tsusho Corporation is one of seven automotive specialized affiliates of Kirix Group, particularly in charge of the trade role in this group. The business includes exporting used cars, supplying automotive parts, importing and selling healthy foods etc.

We have a team:

Netz Toyota Higashinagoya Co., Ltd., an authorized dealer of Toyota Motor Corporation supplying Toyota and Lexus trade-in cars to “Quality Cars Japan.com”.

Kirix Lease Co., Ltd., the first company made out car lease with full-maintenance service in Japan, supplying ex-lease commercial cars to “Quality Cars Japan.com”.

Meiho Tsusho Corporation, through “Quality Cars Japan.com”, supply high quality and safe used cars well-selected from own sources of Netz Toyota Higashinagoya and Kirix Lease to world customers.

About KIRIX Group

Netz Toyota Higashinagoya Co., Ltd.
The dealer in Aichi Ken is supplying Toyota new cars, which has 26 branches of Netz Toyota, Lexus, and Volkswagen. The unique
selling system and original maintenance products were widely noticed and well-spoken by the customers.
Kirix Lease Co., Ltd.
The first company made out car lease with full-maintenance service in Japan. As a pioneer of car lease business, supply abundant technique and original system to assist many corporative users improve efficiency of management which use the automobiles.
Kirindom Bodyshop
Basing on “The Toyota Production System”, refresh the cars with new metal and painting equipments on schedule, by using most-advanced
tools and machineries.
Lexus Hoshigaoka
Located in an upper-class residential area of Nagoya, the third metropolitan city in Japan. Customers can enjoy delighted shop facilities and first rate quality service from shop staff with split of hospitality.
Kirindom Co., Ltd.
Meiho Toyopet Service Co., Ltd
The parent of Kirix Group, was founded in 1961, supplying high quality used cars which is checked with severe automobile inspection and clearing criteria, processed disinfecting, deodorization services. This can let the customers take and ride-back the car timelessly after completing purchasing procedure.
Kirix Insurance System
Supplying sorts of the most suitable insurances, consulting about insurance contract, also has a full safe system such as taking the safe course periodically, advising of prevention traffic accident. When a traffic accident happens, specialist staff will fully support to the customer to make friendly settlement.
Please note that all above services, except used cars export by Meiho Tsusho Corporation, are only for Japanese resident customers. Therefore, these can not be supplied for overseas customers.

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